Making Stop Motion Animations: A Guide for Kids and Parents

Have you ever wanted to bring your toys to life, recreate a scene from your favorite movie, or just make up a great story? Luckily there’s a fun, simple way for any kid to become a movie maker– stop motion. … read more


Making Star Wars Jabba

Watching Star Wars as a Maker Family

It was with excitement and trepidation that I watched Star Wars with my two daughters (aged 5 and 6) for the first time this week. I had been waiting 6 years for this moment, but at the same time I … read more


We’re Spending $10 Billion On Kids’ Classroom Technology—But Does It Help Them Learn?

experts caution educators to consider whether technology solutions are simply screen-based versions of long-standing classroom strategies. “When you buy technology for schools, are you using it to digitize, or to create a new learning experience?” asks Rob Mancabelli, cofounder and … read more


Lego Research Institute Female Scientists

LEGO Research Institute is Run by Female Scientists

It’s not easy to find this awesome LEGO set at retail, but even at a premium, it’s worth it for your maker daughters. read more


Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to help kids realize their full potential by making more, playing more, connecting more, and being themselves. From personal experience, we’ve come to realize that we learn and grow the most from trying to make new … read more